The Truth about Free Classified Ad Sites and Scams

The cold hard truth about free classified ad sites is that they are terrible. I’m just like any other guy out there, so when I first heard that there were free websites where I could meet attractive girls that wanted casual hookups, I was pretty excited. After spending too much time and getting swooped into scammer’s games, I realized that it wasn’t worth it. There are so many reasons why these websites suck, it is almost hard to pinpoint it. However, I am going to do my best to outline my experiences and the reasons why I don’t like them. Coming from someone who has given them a fair bit of my time, I think it’s safe to say that free classified ads sites suck.

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Attractive Girls are Typically Not Free

Remember when your dad told you that nothing in this world is free? Well it rings true for free classified ads sites. Since these sites have no fee up front, they are going to do everything possible to make up that money once they have you on the site. The end result of this is that you will end up losing time and money. This means that ere is going to be an abundance of garbage ads, and scams on the site so that they can make some money. This makes the navigation of these hookup sites often frustrating and clunky because they have so many pop ups and side ads. Even on the off chance that you do find something that you are actually interested in, you often have already wasted so much time it is no longer worth it.

The Floodgates are Open For Scammers

There is absolutely no control on these hookup websites because they are desperate for traffic, so they will basically let anything through. If they have no money for vetting the ads, how are they going to control the scammers? One argument might suggest users flagging the bad ads or scams as a possibility for how they have some control. However, often what was intended to prevent scammers and fake ads actually becomes their tool. These scammers, whose livelihood depends on these free classified ads sites, can create as many accounts as they want and flag anything that is going to hurt their business. What is often the result of this is that the scammers are the prevalent users and can control the online space through their dominance. This makes you very susceptible to losing money without ever getting anything.

The Truth Behind Meeting Women Online

It is no secret that trying to meet women on the internet has become a massive industry. Once again, there are many free classified ads sites that are trying to capitalize on this market. These sites use the exact same terrible business model as previously mentioned, but gear it towards regular guys who either want to see attractive girls or who are looking for a casual hook up. There are a couple things that you should keep in mind whenever you hear the word free, which will help you have a better online dating experience.

One of the best hookup websites that is the best for actually meeting women is Check out this Dating Site Review for more information about it, but I also wanted to touch on some of the scams that are out there. scams do exist, but as long as you are aware of them, you can keep yourself safe and enjoy the benefits of the website. With one of the most extremely extensive marketing programs and reach, this website is one of the most sophisticated ones out there. Unfortunately, this means the scams on there are as well. One of the most prevalent scams starts with their ability to advertise attractive women close to the website user through IP-localization software. When looking closely at this website, you will notice that the same girl who is only 20 minutes away from your location, for example in Mackay, can actually show up different times with a few different names. This happens because the system they use will randomly select photos and names then generate them to show up as if they were close to you. Moreover, this website and other ones that claim to be free, won’t even let you talk with the fake attractive girls until you have paid a fee to unlock the service. Fortunately,’s saving grace is that the paid membership actually comes with some benefits, and can help you avoid a lot of the fake profiles and start accessing the real ones.