Finding happiness after infidelity in: Can things really go back to how they were?

happy after an affairFinding Happiness After Infidelity

How to be happy after an affair

To some people, the thought of their partner engaging in an affair is enough to send them into a wild pit of emotion, but to others this is a reality that they have become accustomed with. Not many people know this, but it is absolutely possible for two lovers to be happy with one another even after having dealt with an affair. When the affair is first disclosed by whoever cheated, it is solely up to the other partner to decide whether or not they want to continue the relationship. If they should choose to forgive their partner, they need to be ready to spend a lot of time fixing up their tattered relationship. Learning how to be happy after an affair is something that doesn’t always happen right away, but in due time all wounds will heal and happiness will become normal once again.

Happiness after infidelity — Is it a myth?

All too often, we hear stories about older couples who have stuck by each other’s sides through thick and thin over the course of their lives, and wound up looking happy. When I was living in Kanata, there was an older couple that lived down my street and they looked very happy together. So imagine my surprise when I heard that this older couple had almost gotten a divorce because of infidelity a couple decades back. Oddly enough, the couple chose to reconcile their marriage, proving that happiness after infidelity is not a myth, it’s a possibility.

Finding happiness after an affair: Counselling might help

Finding happiness after an affair might seem impossible for people who lack communication skills. Luckily, there is a way for them to express themselves without having to yell and accuse the other of cheating on the again. If you and your partner want to find happiness after an affair, you should try out counselling. Having a counseling mediate the situation and interpret your emotions can help soothe the situation at hand, therefore making room for happiness to grow.

Can you really forgive a cheater?

A lot of people do not believe that it is possible to forgive a cheater, but that is because they were never able to forgive their exes for cheating on them. The truth is, anything is possible if you want it to be. So if you are very serious about forgiving a cheater, you will be able to accomplish your goal — as long as they hold up their end of the bargain.

Falling in love all over again

It is important to remember that when you forgive someone for cheating on you, you have basically just entered a brand new relationship. Sure, you and your lover share some memories, but you are not the same people as you once were. When you forgive a cheater, you need to prepare yourself to fall in love all over again, thus making new memories that will not bring up a world of hurt when thought about. Finding happiness after infidelity is something that you need to work on to achieve, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it as long as you have faith in your partner’s dedication and love for you.