5 Ways To Keep Your Casual Relationship Hot!

Revisit the First Date

Make her feel special again, and again. A first date is a time when mystery and excitement meet, so when the brain is reminded of when such an event occurred, it will stimulate the sense and make for a more enjoyable time. Take her back to that bowling alley or that nice restaurant where you had brunch. The simple step of introducing a pleasant reminder can mean a lot for a girl. It’s also very important to make her feel like she’s going on the very first date with you, every time that you go out. You want your girl to feel as if she’s meeting a new and interesting person every time you take her out. This means bringing something new, spontaneous, and exciting to the table, at each and every encounter.

keep it hotKeep It Hot

A Hot Relationship is an Adventurous One

Let’s face it, sex can be tedious and draining. It can be especially tedious when one member of a couple is tired or lacking stimulation. The real reason behind why she might be tired or uninterested in sex is because she might have you all figured out. She might also feel unmotivated to engage in sex if she tends to feel disconnected or doesn’t get off during sex. This can be one of the biggest pitfalls for men. Most of our sexual sensations are reduced to a singular point on our body, and it gets easy to become distracted when trying to climax. This is where your casual relationship could slip away if you don’t introduce a little bit of adventure. It doesn’t have to be dangerous or too experimental. One should take baby steps to try and create an atmosphere whereby new concepts, roles and toys could be gradually phased into the playing field. Keep in mind that a hot relationship is always an adventurous one, so don’t be afraid to try something new today.

Sex for Her is Better Sex

Communication is the key. As I mentioned before, keeping up with the adventurous side of your casual sexual encounters will make the relationship happy and worthwhile. But how do you know what is too adventurous and what is too tame? Just ask. Always ask your partner how she feels about a new act, toy, role or what have you. “Does this feel good?”, “What about when I touch you here?”, Would you be open to…”, these are just a few examples of how opening a dialogue really shows how much you respect her feelings and want her to have a special, memorable time in bed. The sexiest and most salacious casual sexual relationships belong to those couples who keep conversation open and who discuss their feelings before, during and after sex. The key to better sex is simply opening up your mouth and saying how you feel.

Stay Mysterious

Part of why I mentioned revisiting the first date location, or handling your relationship like everyday is the first date, is because it usually conjures up thoughts of curiosity in your significant other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go and lead a double life, become a criminal or something rash. What I am suggesting is merely to stay spontaneous. Don’t tell her every single planned moment of your life, you want to keep her interested in you by thinking that there’s still more about you that she doesn’t know. Take up volunteering, tutor a kid, or help a friend out, take up guitar, or even start painting. The man enshrouded by mystery is a certified panty-dropper. Keep her guessing about who you are and what your motives are and remember that the more people you inadvertently help along the way, the sexier you become.

Coping with a Break Up Makes You Stronger

A break up doesn’t have to be nasty. One can swiftly recover from a breakup with grace and dignity. If you have just broken up with a girl who you have been dating for a while, you should let this moment of separation allow you to think of all the areas you might have failed at, and how you might improve yourself. Take this time to think about your previous partner as well. Maybe the girl you were with was plain, old crazy. She overreacted a lot, always wanted her way, and spent little time addressing your needs. This is where a breakup can help you in the future. Set goals based on past instances where your ex was bothering you, and try to go above and beyond by finding the right girl who doesn’t raise any of those red flags.