5 Reasons You Should Forgive A Cheating Girlfriend — The First Time

cheat girlForgive A Cheating Girlfriend

Forgiving her: Choosing love over hate

Have you recently found out that your girlfriend cheated on you? If you have then you are probably having mixed emotions over the event and don’t know if you should move out of her apartment in New Plymouth and distance yourself from her or try and make things work. Dealing with cheating is a lot more complicated than one would think, especially when love and hate get mixed into one emotion. Not every case of a cheating girlfriend should be forgiven, but sometimes you might end up forgiving her and giving your relationship another go.

Cheating girlfriend: Are you still in love?

Living with a cheating girlfriend isn’t the best situation, so if you do not feel as though you can forgive her for cheating, you need to move out of her apartment in New Plymouth as soon as possible and clear your mind. However, if it was the first time that your girlfriend cheated on you, and she is the one who told you about it because she felt awful about it, she might have just given you a reason to forgive her. Sure, she was unfaithful but at least she was honest about it right? Better to hear it from her than from someone else.

You were cheated on but you have children together

Everything gets a little bit more complicated when there are children involved. If you are a father and are raising a family with you girlfriend, dumping her because she cheated might not be in your best interest. If you have young children breaking up isn’t going to be in their best interest either, so it is better to work things out with their mom — as long as she is sorry about the affair and wants to become a better person for you and the children. If things do not get better after a certain amount of time, you can choose to split up later on, but give her the chance to prove herself while the kids are young.

It was her first time cheating and she says it’ll be her last

If your girlfriend just admitted to cheating on you for the second or third time, it might be time to cut her loose, but if it is the first time she ever did something of the sort and she has promised you it’ll be the last, giving her a second chance might be a good move — especially if you still love her dearly.

She told you she cheated

Finding out that your girlfriend is cheating on you through a friend or random stranger is the last thing you want to happen, and when something like this goes down it is extremely embarrassing for you. If your girlfriend cheated on you and never told you about it, she’s either not that great of a person or she is terrified of losing you. Regardless, she should have told you about the cheating because it is not her decision to make. Someone who can kiss you and be with you without feeling guilty about cheating is not someone you want to be with. But if your girlfriend immediately told you what happened and pleaded for your forgiveness, she is a good person who made a big mistake.